President-Elect George Weah: What's Next for Liberia? (Al Jazeera English)

A peaceful transition of power in Africa's oldest republic is cause for optimism, according to analysts, but major challenges lie ahead for Liberia's president-elect George Weah.

A former international football star, Weah tapped into a yearning for change and widespread discontent to win this week's presidential run-off in a landslide.

Boosting the economy will be especially important for the new president, since many of his supporters - young, perennially unemployed or underemployed, and struggling financially - are those most in need of opportunities, said Robtel Neajai Pailey, a Liberian academic.

"You've got a very marginal, small group of people who are doing exceedingly well and then a large majority who are just barely scraping by," Pailey told Al Jazeera...